Thoreau's Wanderings

What job to level next?

This weekend, I needed to replenish the gil supply after ignoring farming for a quite a while. I decided some Carbonara was in order.  I farmed up about three stacks of Buffalo Meat and had almost another left over from my last trip to Uleguerand Range. Saw Bonnacon once with no drop.  He took quite […]

Ding! THF75

FFXI was conspiring to prevent me from ever finishing Thief, but I prevailed! I crashed rather early Saturday night and happened to wake up at 2am. After finally deciding that I would not be going back to sleep I made some coffee, logged on, and dug in for the last long-haul to 75. I hit […]

Ding! THF73

I logged in and was immediately given a replacement slot in a party that a friend had made. Level sync’d in Bhaflau near the tower. Was able to hit up to chain 11 with some outside cures from Tram. Hit 73 and half-way to 74 before people had to go.