Thoreau's Wanderings

Pankration battles

I think I will go farm up some Zeni this weekend.  Last night, since I had some things to do around the house, I parked over in The Colosseum for a while and would stop by to register for a match every now and again. Tram’s Wyvern hit level 44 and my Red Triple Bats […]

Tramontane hits sky

It has been quite humorous to have a mule with Sea access, but not sky.  But the time finally came.  After renewing my Campaign Medal (which has been inactive for months) and campaigning my way for a few hours, I decided that I would like to hit sky for a bit. I took Thor (on […]

A light weekend of ‘farming’

Some good time spent with the Buffalo A total of seven Buffalo Meat and four hides >.<  At least it finished off a stack for me.  And I did get a chance to completely re-write my THF macros. After a while I thought of using XP bands and getting some XP on NPC fellows (Got […]