Thoreau's Wanderings

ACP Part 2

After getting Thor his new PLD coat, I decided to take my time getting Tram to finish the last mission BC.  Basically, I would put up a /seacom and LFG flag then go about my regular activities.  I would usually get one or two XP party /tells from those who neglected to read the comment […]

A Crystalline Prophecy

So I spent my $10.  (Twice when you count Tram). Worth it? I think so.  A bit too light on substance, but at least the final BC was {funguar}. I happened to hit Jeuno a few minutes after the servers came up on maintenance day so I was rather quick to start in on the […]

Tedium and a new site theme

After a few K of Zeni and finally getting my Pankration Triple Bats to 50, it was time to move on to something even less exciting… fishing!  Three nights of casting away until  fatigue and I finally saw that 0.1 skillup that got me to level 90.  And a few minutes later, another 0.1 for […]