Thoreau's Wanderings

My Mog Bonanza Results

I guess I cannot complain too much since it was better than what I won last year (nothing but scrolls for 100 Marbles), but still nags at me that I was unable to log in on time the last day to get marbles for Thor and Tram. I had been postponing the number choosing since […]

Nyzul, Campaign, and a bit of XP

Been a little busy in-game lately.  Got SMN to 65 and decided to take a small break from it to work on one of my low-50s jobs.  Since I just got my Soboro, it seemed like the logical choice. I spent an evening soloing from 50 to 51 in Behemoth’s Dominion just to get back […]

Soboro Sukehiro (finally!)

I have… Tanked that #$%#$% bomb on  NIN (my first battles long-ago) and on PLD… Meleed it on MNK, NIN, and DRK… Main-healed as the only WHM in an alliance… Tried to see ‘can I blow up for more DMG than that mob’ on BLM… Inspired the troops with battle songs like Taillefer as BRD… […]