Thoreau's Wanderings

Checking in

Well, I have not been online in over a month now (and no posts for a long time before that). When I ran across this today, I really started to get the urge for some soloing mayhem: I do have a legit copy of Fraps that I really should use some time…  I have only […]

A Soboro pickup run

Alternate title: Thor be a tired puppy Been up to my typical {funguar} lately; fishing/mining/questing/standing around Whitegate looking studly/etc.  But after a while LFG  on SMN last night (sitting at 62 and still really feeling that I may have to take it to at least 70 rather than drop it at 66) I saw a […]

How about some Playstation sigs?

Get your Portable ID! and Get your Portable ID!