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Well, I have not been online in over a month now (and no posts for a long time before that).

When I ran across this today, I really started to get the urge for some soloing mayhem:

I do have a legit copy of Fraps that I really should use some time…  I have only a few limited scraps of video for Thoreau and, unfortunately, the only one I ever bothered to post was just a quick test while bored:

A Soboro pickup run

Alternate title: Thor be a tired puppy

Been up to my typical {funguar} lately; fishing/mining/questing/standing around Whitegate looking studly/etc.  But after a while LFG  on SMN last night (sitting at 62 and still really feeling that I may have to take it to at least 70 rather than drop it at 66) I saw a /shout for a group wanting a Soboro Sukehiro that was sitting at 5/??? members.  It is usually against my better judgment to be distracted away from my goal, but I really could use a new Shiny for my SAM (would provide some nice motivation for the grind on it) and I have passed a few opportunities in the last week so I had to give it a go.

After an hour or so we had just started to talk about rescheduling for the following night, when someone had a lead on 2-3 more interested folks.  We headed out and made it to camp with relative ease – only one member death and no real confusion or complaints.  main group was 2xBLU, BLM, WHM, RDM, 2xPLD, DRK (me), and a few odd more.

First fight went real well, and it dropped the G. Katana!.  We were doing a /random before each fight, which for Thor never bodes well.  My only two decent /randoms (above 900) were both pounded by someone elses’ power-luck.  (No complaints, I’m used to it – lol).

Over the evening we did have three wipes, two of which could possibly have been avoided, one was just plain frustrating due to a stun effect from a WS hitting at the wrong time and interfering with a BLM stun.

In all we did hit 5 or 6 wins (was not really counting) and ~each one dropped~ o.0

Once people started getting tired, I asked if we should call it a night instead of the usual death spiral that can occur when attempting to continue with fewer and fewer members.  Others agreed, and we Warped on out.

Was very nice to be in a decently successful pickup group, and 100% drop rate (on the times we did not wipe), was downright inspiring!  Logging out at 2:30am did make for a bit of a rough morning though 🙂

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