Thoreau's Wanderings


Anyone who sees me running around Vana’diel is likely to notice my Tarutaru backpack standing around near by.


Tram started as a second account when the PS2 version came out. It was nice to have a second character to goof around with when I had my nephews over or the rare times when my wife would want to play (she has little interest in video games and would rather spend her spare time painting). Once he hit WHM42, my nephews moved across the country and Tram went about a year without XP.

I used him to peddle Teleports from Jeuno for a bit of income every now and again. I had intentionally never gotten him the Altep or Yhoator gate crystals and the reactions I would get some times when I would tele people out and Tram would stay in town were quite humorous. That trick also made it easier to move more people per hour back when Teleport competition was high.