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I had the extreme pleasure of joining one of the best social linkshells I could ever imagine early in my FFXI life: TeamYosha.  In ‘TY’, there were a few 75BRDs, one of which was the LS leader Vadne.  Having so many BRD around did influence me when I started testing out jobs to see what my 2nd 75 would be.

I started checking around for Stray Mary every now and again while farming sheep and ram skins.  This started becoming more frequent as my BRD neared lvl 14.  While out there one night, an LS mate asked me what was up and I mentioned my (typical) luck so far trying for the drop: 0/16.  Then, without me even asking, people started showing up to help me camp.  Within about a half an hour we wer up to seven people and Mary popped in the South area.  I was in the North at the time and started running over.  She was dead long before I could have gotten there.  Claimed by one of my LS members and the horn hit the treasure pool.

Every person there started congratulating me and passed on the horn.  Back then, this was a big gil item and yet they were genuinely happy to see it go to someone else.  That type of comraderie is not something I have seen much of since joining the ‘End Game’ scene.

That experience pretty much settled it; my next job to 75 would have to be BRD!  Not too hard of a choice though since I had a complete blast from the first Tiny Mandragory in Saruta all the way through the Dunes.  (Actually, the only job I have ever played in FFXI that I did not like was BLM